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February 10 2015

'Evolution of the Magical Girl' by shattered-earth on Deviantart.
'Magical Girls' by Kymoon on Deviantart.
'Magical Girls' by Akimiya on DeviantArt. 
Hey all! I saw that there weren't a whole lot of magical girl blogs on Soup so far, so I decided to create my own! 
Rules:   +Anyone can post any type of content, as long as it isn't sexually explicit (most magical girls are underage). An exception would be Kill La Kill, since it is by nature pretty mature, but I ask that you flag those posts as NSFW. Roleplay is also out, since it clogs up the blog.    +If you want to ask a question, my soup has a link to my ask.fm page. You can also make a post for others to reply to, although their answers may be wrong.   +Please, don't bully each other! Cosplay photos will be posted here, and I want to keep this community a fun and friendly place for everyone.   +If something is of a sensitive or triggering nature, please tag it NSFW. Even if it doesn't bother you, it might mean trouble for someone else- remember, Soup doesn't have Xkit yet! It's also a good idea to flag sex, gore, nudity, etc so that if someone is browsing in a public space, they won't get in trouble or attract unwanted attention.    +Source your photos!!! Especially fanart. Include a link to the original post, the artist's username, what website the artist posted it on, and the name of the picture, if it has one. ZEROCHAN IS NOT A SOURCE!!! WEHEARTIT IS NOT A SOURCE!!! ARTIST'S USERNAME + THE SITE = SOURCE!!! 
Have fun!
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